March: My Wellness Month

Last year in March I decided to not drink for a month just to see how much weight I would lose. This came two months after I started my job at Waldorf College (about to be University); a sitting desk job after spending the previous two and half years at a factory being very physically productive 10 hours a day. Going from one extreme to another is very shocking to the body and an unwanted weight gain started to occur. Also during this time I was apart of the River City Dames of Anarchy and we would practice for two hours, two nights a week. (Man I’ve said the number two a dozen times already in this post. I swear it’s just a coincidence. No theme intended). Even though I kept active after work by walking or roller derby practice, majority of my day was spent sitting so it just counteracted itself with no benefits.

I wanted to also see for myself how much weight you can take off just by not drinking. It sounds so simple to do but it has become part of my routine and it’s something I do socially with others that take it away it just feels awkward. I don’t really drink when I am at home; I will have a glass or two of Cabernet here or there but most of the alcohol I consume is when I’m out with others. To help boost the potential pounds I decided to cut out other unhealthy foods that I enjoy in moderation.

After four weeks of cutting out alcohol I lost a total of: 9 pounds. I wasn’t down to where I wanted to be again by a few pounds but I was able to squeeze (and I mean SQUEEZE) into my old high school prom dress for the Cinderella premiere Princess dress up event at the Forest Theater!!!
Ah, to be the size I was at 18 that I thought was big… *Pseesh*

One year later I’ve started 2016 by making some better choices for my overall wellbeing such as:
-Getting a membership though work to the Y
-Participate in Y classes or develop my own fitness routine
-Trying one day a week to go meatless (Meatless Mondays)
-Taking a daily Multivitamin (Vitality is the SHIT!!)
-Investing in a stand up work station thanks to my husband:

This March I want to beef up I did last year. Teetering between 150-155 pounds, this is the most I’ve ever weighed, ever. I’ve been told this comes with age but I’m not ready for that yet and just want to be down to my happy medium weight of 135, what I was before taking a desk job. With the healthy choices I’ve made so far this year I want to see how much more I can better myself by removing more unnecessary things.

For the month of March I will give up:
Foods I enjoy mostly in moderation that will get cut:
-Fast food (good bye big greasy delicious burgers)
-Junk food or sweets/ desserts of any kind; potato chips, chocolate:(
-White bread of any kind (I’ve had a weak spot for garlic bread lately)

I don’t even care that I’ve been missing St Patricks Day the last two years. March is the first glimpse of spring and warmer weather and this gets me in the mood to start getting more healthy after suffering though what all winter does to my body.

Stay tuned to the weeks to follow as I will center on each aspect of my health and wellness goals as well as some tips and tricks:
-Vitamins, supplements and exercise
-Routines, planning and cleaning
-Financial and savings

How much weight will I lose this year? Hopefully with the additional improvements made from a year ago I can slowly develop better habits that will keep the weight off this time instead of doing a yearly cleansing.

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