March My Wellness Month: Week 3

I’m a very busy person I’ve been told, and I suppose that is true but all I owe it all to how I’ve learned to manage my time. Besides my full time job, I have a one to two night a week part time job, I write this blog with weekly posts, I just started graduate classes (one at a time thank God), I will be in a play for our local community theater at the end of April, and I still find time to get a 30 minute work out in three days a week. It’s very good to get involved with activities and have routines but I’ve had to learn when to say ‘No’ when there is too much going on.
With all that I have going on outside of the home, I try not neglect my life at home. I could go on about things I’ve learned or tips I acquired but I am like one of many that owe creative ideas to Pinterest. I am still amazed at all that I find on there. Below are two in particular that I LOVE!!!

This makes me hate cleaning less:
Makes it easier breaking down cleaning a little each day. I follow this one for the most part but add laundry in on Mondays or Tuesday, depending on what I got going on for the week. It’s nice to get everything done to be able to relax on the weekends. This is also the only period I get to spend quality time with my husband so the less I have to do besides hang out on Saturdays and Sundays, the better. The cleaning products I use from Melaleuca make it more enjoyable too. Less harsh chemicals and they last a long time! Good way to get my money’s worth.

Look at this! Sorry I am unable to get it into any other file but A PDF document.
This is a Monthly Buy Guide as it shows the best time to buy any type of product each month. Example the best time to buy swim wear is January or July. I was able to get a good deal before we left for our Cancun trip.

That is all for this week, I said it would be a quickie. If you haven’t noticed a Pinterest link on my side tab, please check out my Pinterest page, for more tips and other boards. Please follow me as well that way I can get more ideas from your page as well. Please comment on this post as well, would like to talk tips and such with others…

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