March is Over!!..Well actually not quite yet…

I have one more day left of March. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! All month I have gone without a drop of alcohol, soda or any amounts of the unhealthy food I wanted to stay away from during these last four weeks. Half way through, I weighed myself to see if I was headed in the right direction. I was down 9 pounds and at only after two weeks! This excited me. This week for final weigh in, I was disappointed. I was going back up! But how?!? I’m working out more than ever and I literally have nothing that is crap in my diet. I realized I have been forgetting one minor detail. As a female, my last week where I do my final weigh in landed right in the middle of my cycle where I bloat and gain extra pounds from water weight. The water weight is not consistent and every month I never know what to expect. DAMN!!

So therefore I must go ONE MORE WEEK without any booze or fun. I’m not too worried, I have gone this far so what is one more week? My final weigh in will be next Tuesday or Wednesday after I am done harpooning the whale this month.

Sorry to disappoint you all but it’s only one more week. Not everything goes as planned am I right? All you ladies feel my pain.

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