That time I did a cameo role for community theater…

How I am so thankful for the people in our small town who came together last year and brought community theater to life. While I enjoyed my time being on a roller derby team, I am thankful for the hiatus I took from it because now I feel I’m back in my natural habitat.
I did a small cameo (I only call it cameo because my part had only two lines) in our production of Rumors. Cast members arrive as guests made up of four couples at a party with missing hosts and I am one of two cops that show up at the end:
Special Police… HAHA!

As a newbie to Brickstreet, I expected a smaller role which would be good to get my feet wet again. However, I’m glad I wasn’t alone in thinking my part could have used more lines, split them more up evenly with my partner. When you look at the play’s author and how Rumors was written after he had been divorced three times, you see a trend among the women roles: one is a drunk, one is an idiot, one is weird, one is a bitch and my police woman role was pretty much non existent. Yeah: women issues that Neil Simon had….

When I wasn’t hanging out backstage in full costume throughout 97% of the play contemplating driving down to the bar still in full police uniform for a beer before I had to drive back, I learned how to set lights. I had to get over my fear of heights!:

This show ran for two weeks in a different town each week: three nights in Forest City one week and three nights in Garner the second. With only a week off following Rumors, auditions took place for the summer musical. With my luck, illness struck me on our week off leaving me congested, stuffed, tired and having a husky voice. My husband suggested I audition for a male role, haha. I tried to nurse myself back to health and I auditioned the last night even though I wasn’t back to full out performing. At least I had a voice to audition with. As I write this, I’m still not back to normal and there is still much nastiness in my throat. It will be a moment of truth if what I had to work with got me a role on Saturday…..

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