My Favorite Travel Tools

As I sit here and write this, I am pool side at The Linq Hotel in Las Vegas with margarita in hand. All I can do to pretend that I get paid to do this. This Vegas trip was for: to celebrate myself becoming debt free by paying off my student loans (a post to come on that later. Yeah i know, I’m all sorts of out of order.) and also to visit my good friend from college while she is still on the mainland. She lives on the air force base in Vegas with her husband but later this year they will be transferred to Hawaii. Sad for family and friends like me but good for them because who wouldn’t love living in Hawaii?!?!?

My go to travel tools I used to plan this trip: Expedia as well as sticking to the one airline I’ve been accumulating miles, Delta. I have found over the years Expedia has been pretty accurate when finding me the best prices for where I want to go. When I took a job where I travel once or twice a year, I decided to enroll in their Rewards program. I got up to Silver status and almost to Gold! Booking a certain number of nights and/ or dollar amounts will get you points that accumulate to money to use toward a future hotel booking. I plan on doing a trip with a friend later this year and I have money, with more to come from this Vegas trip, to use when we are trying to plan where to stay. With $200.00 worth of points you can stay in a nice hotel for free or almost next to nothing. Also, when they say you save money by bundling, booking hotel and air together, they really mean it. Depending on what day you book and what day you choose to fly, you can save more money. If I book a trip, I have been known to hover over the site a every day of the week to check out the average prices.

Prior to taking on a job where I would be traveling once or twice a year, I didn’t think I’d ever need to start thinking about trying to stick with one airline. However when I started traveling more with my husband and to the other location of my work, I figured getting a Delta Skymiles account wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I love using the app with my Skymiles account as it has made it easier for us to upgrade. We upgraded to First Class when we flew down to Cancun earlier this year. An upgrade to Delta Comfort is pretty great if you have to money for it but don’t want to spend as much as first class. With Delta Comfort you get a little more leg room, you get to board the plane first and all alcoholic drinks are included. Pretty worth the money if you ask me. Also when I have upgraded, I accumulate more miles that way besides just the base miles I earn with each trip. Since Delta merged with AirBnb, I can use their website with my Skymiles account and earn more miles that way.

So there you have my quick little mention of the things I love to use when planning my trips. This was free advertisement for Expedia and Delta even though some compensation would be great! 😉 wink! I just like using them that much.


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