A native of North Iowa, I grew up in the small town of Fertile. I did not end up marrying a man from Manly.
Being a Fertile girl, I attended high school in Forest City, graduating in 2005. It was there I got my start being involved with every music and drama activity available while also taking up dance after school. A triple threat! I then went on to get my AA at NIACC studying Music. After my time spent at community college, I transferred to Waldorf College back in Forest City to study more Music but this time with Business. Receiving my BA in 2009, I was then going to move up to Minneapolis to pursue my dream of working at First Avenue, performing in a band, and eventually hook up with Jack White to make very pale white babies.
You learn quickly at 22 years of age nothing pans out how you think, and at 29 I’m happy it didn’t. Working as a bartender at Shooterz during that time, I had no idea how important to my life it would be. It was working there that I met Tyler, who five years later changed my initials from VJ to VD. What can I say, I love my husband, he’s pretty awesome.
Besides being a wife and a new blogger, I work for a small liberal arts college/online university here in the land of Winnebagos. When I’m not doing that, you can usually find me working out at the Y, sitting at my favorite local watering hole or doing other little side projects. Up until just recently, I was on a roller derby team under #27 Amy Roundhouse. I also just started participating with our local community theater; I’m acting again!

Travel is a big love of my life.

The list of countries I’ve visited seems short, I hope to add to the list:

Germany, Netherlands, France, Czech Republic, Austria, Ireland, Mexico