It’s the ‘New Year, new me’ month

January is actually a pretty depressing month; the holidays are all over so you may be a little broke, very overfed and if you live in the midwest like me, it’s ungodly cold outside. I had a glorious week off from work where I slept in until 8 AM ish everyday and ENJOYED it! However, the cold and snow prevented me from going places and doing some thing I wanted to, including having fun on New Years Eve. It’s better to be safe than sorry and wind up frozen to death in a ditch somewhere. It’s not a settling thought knowing this weather could literally kill me. These periods of arctic chill continually make me wonder why we willingly choose to live here?

It takes all of this month to get your normal groove back on again but if you are one of those that jump on the New Years resolution bandwagon it’s alright that it takes you a month to figure out what your new normal will be. I only see the new year as an exciting time I can bust out my fresh and shiny new Eric Condren Life Planner. There are 12 whole months or 52 weeks for me to plan and write out my days, weeks, months, goals, ambitions, fun, etc. I didn’t make any resolutions or goals with the new year, I sort of started doing that in November while in between jobs and trying to figure out where I’m going next. I figure why think in terms of a new year but more of how I did two months ago, just start today. Don’t just talk about it, just do it.

This week while back at work and talking with my co-workers, everything just made me sad. New Years Day fell on a Monday so even though we went back on Tuesday, the day felt like a Monday. Getting up at 5 to be at work by 6 AM is pretty awful in the sub zero wind chill hell. The parking lot feels bigger like you are walking across Siberia. There a huge blizzard and very cold temps like we’ve seen here that will be hitting the East Coast where who knows how many lives it will claim. Sadly this year Tyler and I will not be taking our January trip to Cancun as we are saving for house projects and hopefully a bigger trip in the fall. This past week has made me feel more devastated that we can’t escape the frozen tundra of Iowa this January. *sigh*

It’s easy for me to feel even more depressed thinking about things that happened to me in 2017 or things I wanted to happen that didn’t: I didn’t get to go on an international trip with my girl friend, I didn’t get that job I wanted after quitting my former job because of a toxic environment which caused me to go back working somewhere I told myself I wouldn’t have to go back to. I know I’m not alone in thinking there were some dark days in 2017 but I can’t deny that this past year brought some pretty fantastic events:

-Even though there was no international trip, I still went on the other 2 of the 3 trips I had planned out: Cancun with Tyler and Las Vegas.
-I paid off my student loans! (Reason for Vegas trip, to celebrate and see Britney Spears!)
-I sold my old car that I’ve needed to for some time and bought a new (to me) car! This car is bought and paid for, so no loans for me to deal with. I had to deal with some repairs but I didn’t get financially strapped by them!
-Becoming debt free and beginning to really build up my savings
-We adopted an adorable beagle mix puppy named Nikki. I never thought this little dog could bring so much warmth and happiness into our home. I’m thankful for our third family member every day.
-Even though I’m back working somewhere I didn’t want to, it’s providing me with money and insurance while I continue to look for ways to get back on my career track.
-Tyler and I drove up to see his family in Northern Michigan with our puppy so we got a nice little four day vacation at the end of June.
-Besides two shows in Vegas I went to go see on my trip, my super awesome brother in law got me a ticket to go see one of my favorite bands up in the cities with him, my hubs and their older brother. I felt lucky even if this meant being the only female driving a car load of three brothers up to the show and back home after not getting home until 4 AM.
-I went shopping in May and November with some great girl friends. The trip in November is an overnight so I’m lucky to have three gal pals to hotel it up with. Even when the pool and hot tub area was closed for repairs. :S

My list of good things that happened could go on and with what I have down outweighs the bad of 2017. I hope you can create a very long list that is pages and pages of all the good things that have happened to you in 2017, but only after you write down the bad from 2017 and when finished, crumple it up and throw it away. There is always something to be thankful for and always a new day or week in a new planner to write in. Sorry if that’s corny but don’t just get hung up on waiting for a new year, you can start a change and a new year today.

Like this cold weather I would like nothing more than to teleport away from, the next good day and time is coming. The forecast for next week is showing temps above freezing, so there is a light at the end of this tunnel that I know by the name of January.

March: My Wellness Month Week 2

Hello to anyone who showed back up to read about how my March is progressing. So far just a week in and there’s noticeable differences but I’ll get to that later. It was a little strange this past weekend to just drink water at every stop my husband and I made on Saturday. Ay Jalisco: no margarita or sangria, Paddler’s Tap: no West O (my fav when I’ve gone there), Bowling Alley: no beer. It really wasn’t that hard, I’ve done it before, but it just made me wonder what else is there to do in this town besides drink? Well maybe a movie at the theater but that’s pretty much it. That’s ok even when I’m not drinking in drinking establishments I do enjoy conversations no matter my state of mind.

I’ve done very well sticking to the things I said I would give up. Not a drop or bite of anything. I think for the remainder of the month I plan to see if I could cut down on portion sizes a little. I read a very good article and I can’t for the life of me remember where I found it but in this I remember a couple of very important tidbits. The main one being that you need to eat a bigger breakfast or lunch instead of your evening meal being the biggest. Your body slows down later in the day and this can pack on extra unwanted calories. This made me realize I may need more than just a yogurt or a banana for breakfast. I should add on a yogurt/cereal bar, oatmeal, toast or something, so by the time lunch comes Im not so starving which can carry on the dinner. I’m glad my breakfast diet has gotten better and more healthy but it just needed to be a slightly bigger portion. However it’s quite an improvement from the Casey’s breakfast sandwiches or blueberry bagels kick I was on last year. Bagels are not at all healthy especially if you want to loose weight. Plain coffee in the morning though.. that’s where it’s at. I really can’t get through my morning or day without it and it’s good for your metabolism. That extra spark of caffeine goodness that makes me change drastically from the zombie I was crawling out of bed (even after a shower) to Mary Fucking Sunshine. Plus it makes you take a big giant deuce in the mid morning and come on, who doesn’t enjoy that? You know, the ones that change your mood and make you feel like new person afterwards. My friend Ben calls them “Life Changers”, so true!
Any way moving on from poop…The Meatless Mondays I’ve adapted have me getting veggies and other greens in my diet I wasn’t getting before. Plus it’s a way to even out the weekend when I don’t care as much. (I still stuck to my diet this weekend out so there wasn’t much to have to even out)
It (the article) also stressed the obvious importance of water. Keeping hydrated by just sticking to water has helped me make better choices for the afternoon portion of my work day and throughout this cleansing month. The real A-HA moment was that those times I’ve felt hungry late at night while drinking alcohol may not have been hunger. When you drink you become dehydrated and this sends the same signals to the brain as being hungry. Drinking water is really the best thing to do even though you really want that Original Grand Slam from Denny’s at 2:30 AM.

I decided last fall to take the advice of my doctor and start taking multivitamins even after years before not having luck. I once took something over the counter like a generic version of One A Day for Women (Women’s Daily I think was what it was called). Little did I know many over the counter vitamins like One a Day or Centrum are just shit and are not soluble at all; you basically just pee them out. Taking those One A Days I felt no difference and just eventually would forget to take them because they didn’t seem to matter anyway.
Last fall I signed up and became a customer of Melaleuca and was on board right away because of their Multivitamins Vitality. I felt a major difference in my energy levels at work, I was alert at 2:00 PM instead of almost falling asleep at my desk. When I work out, I can actually run instead of just walking. I’ve never been a runner AT ALL in my entire life. My body seems to recover quicker or fully after a workout. I can’t say enough good things about these vitamins, I don’t know if you could find these anywhere else in another brand but I don’t want to try. Love these and how they make me feel; even thought they turn your pee like a bright florescent neon yellow. I also take the calcium supplement that comes in a pack with it. You can take anywhere from 1 to 4 of these calcium pills a day. Being I’m not that old and not sure how much I need I just take 1 of these a day with the two multivitamins.

I’m really not the exercise expert and everyone’s needs are different but I can just share what I do or what seems to work for me. I try to do a little bit everyday; somedays I do things very intense other I can’t because I go from one job to something else and have no time in between. I have a Y membership and last fall I tried out some of their classes. My favorite was Ultimate Cardio, once a week I got my ass kicked in the good way it should be. I would shoot for this once a week on Tuesday night, then I would follow up my Wednesday nights with Yogalates. This class would help with stretching and serious toning; much needed after an intense 45 minute class the night before. At times I feel there’s too much breathing and relaxing for me but it was nice for those nights you were still sore from the night before.
Now Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday if I can’t make a class and just have a window of time I ALWAYS try and just do even a half an hour workout in the cardio room on the treadmills or ellipticals. That’s one thing I always tell myself to keep that routine, unless I have something special going on, I should spend 30 minutes doing some cardio. Now that the weather is nice I can go on walks again for a change of scenery and to be outside.
One of the best thing I could have done for my myself was getting that stand up work station for my desk at the office… Let’s look at that sexy thing up high one more time….
Oh yeah!!!!

Well that is all for this week. Hit me up with any questions or tips that you do; I always love talking health and fitness things with fellow wellness enthusiasts.

Next week for Part 3: Activities, routines, at home, cleaning- seriously it’s more intriguing than it sounds… Trust me…